Pat.C. Being put on hold is never fun, and for some particularly busy companies that hold time can easily end up being 30-45 minutes of waiting and twiddling your thumbs to talk to whatever representative awaits you on the other end. Today I got a call and I answered it, and it played elevator music at me.

I don't want it to play without my prompting it. This thread is locked. Apr 5, 2013 at 16:32 UTC. Weird phone calls, no answer only music?

music starts playing after hanging up from a phone call When I disconnect from a phone call, music starts playing automatically on my phone! OP. Why can' this software glitch be fixed?? It’s a great time to be an audio fan as there are many choices for the best phones for music in 2020.

Yesterday she had a job interview and they told her the would get back to her the following day (today) so about 11 am this morning she got a call from an unknown number that had no caller id. Despite being on the do-not-call list, my home phone still receives a lot of junk calls. This is very frustrating as I have to hit a Stop the Music app after every phone call to stop the music from playing. Out of curiosity I pressed a few numbers, nothing happened. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. This person is a verified professional. I felt indulgent and listened for about four and a half minutes before I finally hung up. Listen to Music While on Phone Calls to Get Through Boring Hold Times. In fact a good 80% of them are junk. In most iPhones, whenever the lock screen is on and music is playing, the music widget can be found accessible on the lock screen. She answered and instantly started playing music, as if you were on hold, this went on for about a minute … Fix Three: Check if You Shook Your iPhone. Chipotle. Exit the list and leave your phone for a while to confirm whether the iPhone starts playing music by itself problem still occurs or not. Jan 19, 2013 - 4 Comments. me and my mum only have mobiles, no land line.

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