Kingfisher Beer is a brand brewed by the United Breweries Group of Bangalore, India.It has a market share of around 35 percent in its home country, and is exported to over 50 other countries. Early years. The Vice President of the marketing division at the United Breweries, Samar Singh Sheikhawat, states when the company was supposed to introduce the product a couple of years back their main worry was the salability of a beer worth INR 100. We are also available in 52 countries across the globe. It started its international operations on 3 September 2008 by connecting Bengaluru with London. Kingfishers, ranging in length from 10 to 42 cm (4 to 16.5 inches), have a large head, It's good to be the King! Maharaja . With its top-heavy physique, energetic flight, and piercing rattle, the Belted Kingfisher seems to have an air of self-importance as it patrols up and down rivers and shorelines. Come on why wouldn't you name a beer Bell Bird? Catch all the action from Kingfisher Ultra Indian Derby! Kingfisher stands for excitement, youth and camaraderie. Kingfisher Sunburn. 15. It nests in burrows along earthen banks and feeds almost entirely on aquatic prey, diving to catch fish and crayfish with its heavy, straight bill. Live the Swag life with Kingfisher Storm! 16. 17. The name says it all! It fits so perfectly! They fly rapidly, low over water, and hunt fish from riverside perches, occasionally hovering above the water's surface. Kingfisher Airlines was established in 2003. Kingfisher, any of about 90 species of birds in three families (Alcedinidae, Halcyonidae, and Cerylidae), noted for their spectacular dives into water. Kingfisher has been able to perform well thanks to its new products like Kingfisher Ultra, which is a more expensive but milder version. Kingfisher Sunburn. Source . Source . Kingfisher Buzz. Kingfishers are small unmistakable bright blue and orange birds of slow moving or still water. The largest-selling Beer in India, Kingfisher commands a market share of over 36% in the country with 1 out of every 3 bottles of beer sold in India being a Kingfisher brand. Experience the magic of the 2017 edition of Sunburn! Pop some colour into life with Kingfisher Buzz! A range of Kingfisher beers are sold in India, plus a Radler and a malt-based alcopop.However only Kingfisher Premium is sold in Europe and most export markets. Belo Beer .

Source . They are worldwide in distribution but are chiefly tropical. Bell Bird . It was owned by the Bengaluru based United Breweries Group.The airline started commercial operations on 9 May 2005 with a fleet of four new Airbus A320-200s operating a flight from Mumbai to Delhi. Pop some colour into life with Kingfisher Buzz!

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