The Galapagos penguin is the third smallest species of penguin in the world weighing only 2.2 kg when fully grown and reaching only 50cm in height.

Galapagos Conservancy partners with many organizations in Wildlife and Ecosystem Conservation projects, primarily through grants to individuals and institutions. Aptenodytes forsteri, the Emperor penguin, is the largest of all species of penguins, with a height of up to 4 feet; and the Eudyptula minor, the little penguin, is currently the smallest with a maximum height of 1.25 feet.

Since 2011, the Galapagos Conservation Trust has been funding a monitoring and research project which has provided good insight into the current status of the Galapagos penguin. Galápagos Penguin's Unique Adaptations. Its scientific name is spheniscus mendiculus, marking it as part of the wider order of penguins. Galapagos penguin, (Spheniscus mendiculus), species of penguin (order Sphenisciformes) characterized by the presence of a narrow C-shaped band of white feathers that extends from the eye to the chin on each side of the head and a single band of black feathers that cuts across the large region of white feathers on the breast.

By monitoring the health of their populations, we can assess the health of the whole marine environment (as they are an indicator species). Approximately 95 percent of the Galápagos Penguin's population is found on Isabela and Fernandina Islands in the western part of the archipelago. The height of the penguins differs by age and from species to species. 2) Galapagos Penguins are the Second Smallest Penguins in the World. Interesting tidbit about Galapagos Penguins: This is the only penguin species that crosses the equator and has some populations that breed just along the edge of the Northern Hemisphere. These birds depend upon the cool temperatures of the Humboldt and Cromwell Currents for a high density of prey year-round. What is the world’s smallest penguin? Penguins are marine birds that do not fly. The black head of Galápagos penguin features white markings on both sides of the head, stretching down from above each eye, circling back and descending to the neck.

The males are larger than the females. Learn about the penguins, as well as the threats they face, what WWF is doing to protect their future, and how you can help. They live in Southern Hemisphere with one penguin species named Galapagos penguin are endemic to the north of the equator. All other penguin species breed entirely in the Southern Hemisphere. Adult Height: up to about 53 cm: Adult Weight: 2-2.5kg: Adult Flipper Length: 11-12cm : Estimated Population: below 800 breeding pairs (subject to major fluctuations) Distribution / General: The Galapagos Penguin is the smallest member of the genus Spheniscus, which also includes the closely related Humboldt Penguin, and the Magellanic and African Penguins. Meet the Galápagos penguin.

The Galápagos penguin is the only species found north of the equator and in the Galápagos. There are 17 existing species of penguins. This streamlined bird comes in at an average of just under 50 centimetres in height, weighing around 2.5 kilograms. 3). At just 19 inches (49 centimeters) in height, Galapagos penguins are only larger than the aptly-named little blue penguin (and their even smaller subspecies). The smallest warm-weather penguin, this bird has black plumage with the white colored frontal area as well as white spots around the body. They weigh roughly 5.5 lb (2.5 kg). How Tall are Penguins?

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