Deacons wins in 2019 Asian-mena Counsel In-House Community Firm of the Year awards. The Lord's Day August 15, 2004.

Persons of spiritual character, honest repute, exemplary lives, brotherly and sisterly love, sincere compassion, and sound … It also got more people involved in serving and helping one another. Today, for the biblical church, these roles are essentially the same. We are so grateful for each of our deacons and their commitment to serve the people of our church. They handle many of the details of the church, allowing elders … Romans 16:1) who are qualified for the ministry of caring for God’s people. In any industry – and law is no exception – what really matters is what your clients think. Deacons keep them in touch with the Church and provide attention and love. In a real way the deacon’s fund is an extension of the love of Christ distributed through the members of our congregation to people they know in their neighborhoods, work places and schools. At the same time, Deacons are called to equip and mobilize their congregations to bless and serve others. A Deacon On Purpose was the perfect study for us. Now (and always), Deacons exist to act as conduits through which God blesses others. The Deacon’s Fund reaches out to people beyond the Bethany Community through relationships with active participants or members of our church. Rev. Todd Linn “Our Church’s Deacons” (1 Timothy 3:8-13) Series: Reality Check: Keeping it Real at FBC. any actual or proposed assignee of Deacons or transferee of Deacons’ rights in respect of the client or any firm of solicitors or other law firm which takes over, or is negotiating the take over of, the business of Deacons or into which Deacons is merged;
A Place to Grow. First Baptist Church, Henderson KY (10-26-08) (AM) Take God’s Word and open to 1 Timothy, chapter 3. 30 January 2020. Todd A. Linn, PhD.

So we are delighted that, year after year, our clients tell independent researchers that we are ‘head and shoulders above the competition’ ( Legal 500 Asia Pacific ), ‘unmatched on registered funds … Members of the congregational care committee call and/or visit these members regularly. our deacons As people who follow Jesus, we belong to his family and he calls us to love him and one another.
Deacons has once again been recognised by the Hong Kong Council of Social Services for our commitment to caring for our employees, community and… News & Insights. For people intending on applying for jobs within Deacons you should aware that it is necessary for staff members ('data subjects') to supply the Firm with data about themselves and sometimes also their family members from time to time in connection with their employment.

… They are far from “glorified alter boys.” The bishop has laid his hands on them at their ordination and have received the Holy Spirit to so minister. I Timothy 3:8-13 Why We Need Deacons and What Kind of Deacons We Need. Here is our Top 10 Ways Deacons Can Help During COVID-19. Please pray for your parish priest and our deacons, show them support and encouragement as they continue to minister to us in a difficult situation. At Westminster, our Deacons are matched with individuals from our congregation who are home bound, had a recent loss or need extra encouragement. Our church homebound members enjoy attention and care provided by our deacons. "Our Deacons have not gone through a Deacon training in years. The word “deacon,” (diakonos in Greek) simply means “servant.” Deacons are the servants of our church, men and women (cf. Closure of churches "As you will know, the Prime Minister yesterday instructed all people to stay at home (except in exceptional circumstances) and to avoid all gatherings of more than two people. Rev. The Deacons are the “heart” of our congregation. At the Chapel, our deacons serve our body and support our staff by leading other volunteers and taking care of several "hands on" needs within our ministries. … Elders and pastors are to “preach the word…reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching” (2 Timothy 4:2), and deacons are to be appointed to take care of everything else. Monthly contact is made by a … One of the ways we do this is by recognizing that some are gifted and called to serve as Deacons. In very practical terms what does this mean as COVID-19 continues to spread? 3:2). Paul identifies nine qualifications for deacons in 1 Timothy 3:8-12: Dignified (v. 8): This term normally refers to something that is honorable, respectable, esteemed, or worthy, and is closely related to “respectable,” which is given as a qualification for elders (1 Tim. With the help of that study and Dr. Tony Wolfe, we are moving towards a more biblical Deacon body on purpose to serve the people of the church God has called them to." any actual or proposed assignee of Deacons or transferee of Deacons’ rights in respect of the client or any firm of solicitors or other law firm which takes over, or is negotiating the take over of, the business of Deacons or into which Deacons is merged; Deacons is frequently singled out by clients for its high service standards and market knowledge in the investment funds arena. Stephen Ammons Pastor of Meadowbrook Baptist Church, Rockdale

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