The cord on headphones is usually on the left, so it makes sense for the mic to be on the left too so that the mic's cable doesn't have to cross all the way over to the right side, thus reducing the wiring/complexity. Go to Settings>General. Refurbished Left/Right Apple AirPods 2nd Generation Bluetooth Headphones Headset $44.99 Apple Airpods 2nd Generation with Charging Case - Latest Model MV7N2AM/A Adjust Headphone Sound Balance In iOS. 5) Scrub left or right on the scale to adjust the audio mix between the left and right channels. It doesn't play sound but I think it's some kinde of trouble with the cable because when I bend it right over the remote the sound comes back. I had this problem on my Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017, with Android 8) and I determined it was a software issue, since I tried other earbuds and switched sides.
I successfully fixed it! Make a tiny knot at the base of a earphone. It’s there to help hearing-impaired users, but if your AirPods or headphones are only playing in one ear it could be that this setting has been adjusted by mistake. - Apple EarPods Has someone experienced the same problem and have any good advice?

1. How to adjust the audio balance on Apple Watch Tampering with the stereo balance on your watch is not too dissimilar from doing it on iPhone, albeit there is one hitch to observe: the setting cannot be found on watchOS itself. By using the slider you can adjust the balance to the left or right side. Note: If you want to combine both the channels while playing audio then you can also toggle the Mono Audio switch in the same section to turn it on. Many users don’t realize that iPhones, Macs, and Windows PCs have a setting to move sounds all the way to the left or the right.
Hi My right headphone has stopped working. No more problems. Firstly, play some music. ; Here in the HEARING section, you will find the LR slider. ; Now, tap on Accessibility.

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