Who made or discovered the first yogurt culture is a classic question on the lines of ‘what came first: the chicken or the egg?’ No one knows exactly how yogurt came to be, but it has been consumed since recorded time, that much is for sure. Now, I am going to explain how manufacturing companies produce yogurt step by step. The best simple recipe for homemade yogurt adds maple syrup and pure vanilla extract to plain yogurt … Step 2 . Yogurt is made by adding certain bacteria to milk in a carefully-controlled environment and allowing it to ferment. How is Greek Yogurt Made? Yogurt fun facts.

How yogurt is made? Our active yogurt cultures are added to the milk.

For example, the bacteria used to create yogurt are Streptococcus thermophiles and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Milk is pasteurized to kill undesirable bacteria. All you can do is to boil fresh milk for 5-10 min. Step 4 . The fermentation process gives yogurt its consistency and tangy flavor. and then, put a 4 tablespoons of already - made yogurt. Let’s go on a journey of discovery to find out how yoghurt is made – from milk and cultures to a tasty & nutritious dairy product! Yoghurt is a great way to get one of your serves of dairy nutrition with high quality protein, essential vitamins and minerals, and good bacteria. Fermentation takes place and yogurt forms its characteristic acidity and texture.

The yogurt is strained to concentrate the solids and remove some of the whey. Manufacturers use several raw materials to produce yogurt and these materials include milk, sugar, stabilizers, fruits, flavors and bacterial culture. Kefir is an alcoholic version of yogurt originally made from fermented camel milk but now made from cow milk. Available in some natural food stores, kefir has an alcohol content of about 2.5%. Step 1 . Yogurt is made by a bacteria added in milk ! Yogurt is made from ,milk and cultured Bacteria .,this is for a plain yogurt , it is made by boiling the milk stirring continually so not to burn the the milk once it comes to a boil ,take it off heat ,and let it cool down,once it has cooled down to lukewarm ..ie sort of temperature the baby's have their milk . Step 3 . You can do your own yogurt !

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